Hey there!

I love taking pictures, and I'm so grateful that this is something I get to do for you. It has literally been my dream since I was in 7th grade to run a creative business while working from home with my kiddos. You might get tired of seeing that photo to the right, but it's not very often I get in front of the camera and it turns out that glam. I love gold and glitter, so it's a keeper. :) A little more about me...

  • Married to B, my side kick, and business partner -- he is the primary editor of studio photos and knows a lot about our studio set up. He doesn't get behind the camera much, but he does a lot of the behind the scenes work.
  • We have two awesome boys that keep us busy and having fun. They are a dream come true, and we are lucky to have them!
  • I love coke zero and marshmallows -- Have you ever had a marshmallow coke zero? You should. I drink water too -- with ice and a straw!
  • I have my B.S. in Computer Graphics from Purdue (Boiler up!) and my M.S. Ed. in Educational Technology (also from Purdue!).
  • Speaking of Purdue, I sell some licensed Purdue Prints in my little etsy shop just for fun. I focused my undergrad degree in graphic design and digital imaging, and it is a much needed creative outlet for me.
  • I started taking photos in 2007 when I was still in undergrad, and since then my little gig has grown.  I love it! 
  • I'm insanely excited for our new studio space. We recently moved to Fishers, Indiana, and we finally have space in our home to make it work.
  • In my free time, I love to read, do arts/crafts, and spend time outdoors with my family.
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